Enter the Simulation Dome!

Discover the mysterious simulation dome and learn the secrets hidden far within. Since the death of the scientist who opened this digital dimension of leisure, corporations are literally racing to unravel the dome's secrets. No code breakers can crack it, but there's a hardwired driving challenge which contains obvious clues. Join a team of competent racers who are ready to charge down the ever changing road! Would you happen to crash and burn... Well, it's only a simulation, right? Strap back in, pump the gas, and drift onwards in endless tries to outsmart the simulation dome itself. Rival teams are doing their own trials, but in the game of racing victory is the only finish line.

Meet the Drivers!

Choose between a colorful and unique cast of characters, each with their own driving style and abilities!
Akashinga Muyambo
A cheerful off-road racer from Zimbabwe, who loves the adrenaline of driving almost as much as he loves his twin daughters.
"The Speed Demon"
This street racing prodigy from Japan will drift to perfection, but lives a double life in anonymity outside of the racing world.
Ludwig S. König
"The King"
An ex-pop star from Germany whose retirement thrill is to go fast, and to purchase the luxury cars that will take him there.


The Simulation Dome is full of unexpected challenges, and accepts nobody but the best of drivers as victors. The road is not based on reality. It exists solely to provide a tricky track to go fast on, and will never stay the same. The thrill of racing down an unknown road becomes all the more exciting with obstacles, tough weather and a biome system. Try and keep your speed up, as you experience a race that always changes.

Meet the Team


"Linus is the resident businessman and sound guy. He loves spreadsheets, games, and most importantly: a nice cup of espresso."

CEO & Producer

"Erik is the programmer who programmed all the programs. His hobbies are programming, programming, cars, and programming. He is the only person in the team with a drivers license. "

CTO & Programmer

"Oscar is the art dude, drawman, and all-round cool guy. He is also a big nerd who likes roleplaying and is a gamemaster for multiple tabletop roleplaying games a week."

Art Director

"Levi is the original creator of Octane Remix and a graphic artist. She is also a drag king artist, cosplayer and loves all things maple."

Character Artist

"Chris is the guy who makes a bunch of squares and triangles not look like squares and triangles. When he is not fooling everyone into thinking he's Swedish, he enjoys drawing and cooking."

3D Artist

"Maria is the project's commissioned writer. She enjoys snappy dialogue with witty ha-has, both in literature and in real life where she's active as a community organizer for nerds in Gothenburg."